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God's Country. is an intimate look inside the mind and soul of one of the nation's most talented poets. Michelle Antoinette explores what it means to be a human being in America (one nation under God), the challenges faced from society, and especially elements of the Christian church. She will take on eight different characters in what is her first original play.

I Carry My Own Spotlight. is based on the journey of an artist trying to escape the pressures to conform in today’s society where a career as an artist isn’t considered realistic or ideal. This one man show features comedy, movement, drama, music, and poetry. Robert Lee Hardy morph's into numerous characters that address many taboo issues in our culture.

For tickets click the flyer or this link: https://lovethepoetevents.tixato.com


I am very pleased to announce that my official video for "Like Gold" (from my "Gemini Moon" album) has launched in Africa on Mtv Base, HiTv, Afo tv, and Suncity television stations. It is being presented by Suni Blackwallstreet for Black Wallstreet Records Africa... check out my work on www.blackwallstreetafrica.com but first click the link, watch the video, comment and ‪#‎REPOST‬ ‪#‎LTPGlobal‬

Special thanks to: Kariz Marcel (song producer), Timothy Christmas (film maker), and Maria Bella Haye (the awesome lady in the video) for all your hard work and support.




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