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Letter Of Recommendation

Ballenger Creek Middle School

April 14, 2010

To Whom It May Concern:
Today Michelle “LoveThePoet” Nelson conducted two poetry workshops for our middle school students. Her presentation is not only educational, but also engaging. She began by sharing two examples of her spoken word poetry. Afterwards, a student seated beside me yelled, “encore” with sincerity. She already had my students eating out of the palm of her hand.

Throughout the workshop, Nelson provided lots of opportunities for students to take a key role in the action. A definition of interpretive poetry was brainstormed, critical thinking was discussed, and a conclusion was drawn that critical thinking plus effective communication equals a positive self image. Her message was one of inspiration and deep thinking.
Students were then shown a piece of art and asked to critically think about the artwork and come up with just one sentence to explain the visual. Miss Nelson showed the students how she could pull together their single sentences into an amazing poem stemmed from their own thoughts.

The conclusion of the workshop required students to create their own poem and every pencil in the room was in a flurry. There wasn’t a single protest, whine, or confusion amongst the budding poets she had created. The welcoming environment of acceptance that Nelson created enabled the students to share their poems orally with enthusiasm.
Nelson is a natural poet, but she is also a skilled teacher that will bring out the best in any group. She instills inspiration and poetry skills with the ease of an expert. We would highly recommend her workshop.


Lydia Kowalski          Deb Bauleke
Reading Specialist            Media Specialist


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